"Leonard Sominsky made the process easy"
    The office of Leonard Sominsky handled my bankruptcy and made the process easy. Filing Bankruptcy isn't an easy decision, but he made it seem like it was. Leonard Sominsky reviewed all of my options with me and left the final choice mine. The staff was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
    - W. Doyle
    "He gave me confidence to see it all through"
    Leonard Sominsky, esq. was very helpful when I first thought about bankruptcy. He was patient and kind with the many questions I seemed to have on a daily basis. He walked me through the process and gave me confidence to see it all through. Once we entered the Federal Bankruptcy Court, he was prepared and knew each circumstance of the two other clients being represented. Other attorneys did not. They seemed confused and totally unprepared representing their clients. Leonard handled everything very professionally. He was recommended by good friends, and now I know why.
    - D. Tomb
    "Answered all of my questions & helped me feel at ease"
    I have had a great experience working with Leonard Sominsky. I had spoke to several other attorneys and did not feel confident with them. Mr. Sominsky answered all my questions and helped me feel at ease during a difficult time. I am so glad that I was referred to his office.
    - E. Hoopes
    "I am now able to move forward with my life"
    The office of Leonard Sominksky not only handled my bankruptcy but made the process simple. It wasn’t any easy decision to file for bankruptcy but the office of Leonard Sominksy helped me review all options and when I decided to file I was truly grateful for all their hardwork , knowledge and professionalism. Leonard and Shelby were available when I had questions and always provided straight answers that put my mind at ease during the difficult time in my life. I am now able to move forward with my life and I have them to thank.
    - Adam
    "I truly appreciate ALL the help I received"
    I had such a hard time deciding how I was going to get out of my financial troubles. I emailed Mr. Sominsky and he called me back immediately. When you first meet with Mr. Sominsky, you will know you are in good hands. He has a wealth of experience and can answer all your questions without hesitation. Shelby, his Legal Assistant is very informative and friendly. I couldn’t be happier with the service his firm provided. Bankruptcy is never an easy decision but I felt confident I was making the right one. He walked me through the different options and after deciding on Chapter 7, I can say that was definitely the right choice for me. Once we filed the case all the harassing phone calls stopped. Do yourself a favor, call this office if you are in financial trouble. Thank you Mr. Sominsky! You are the best!
    - J. Jacobs
    "You made things very easy to understand"
    Thanks for taking the time to meet with me on Wednesday. I actually look forward to filing for Chapter 7 now as odd as that sounds. For months now I was terrified of it, but you made things very easy to understand and it put my mind at ease.
    - Matt N.
    "The process was without any problems or issues"
    When my husband and I realized that we had no choice but to declare bankruptcy,we had no idea of who to turn to.We literally open the yellow pages and saw an ad for the law firm of Leonard V. Sominsky Esq.,PC.We looked at each other and said "Let's go for it". We called for an appointment. Feeling rather ashamed,we had no idea as to how we would be treated. What a welcome surprise we walked into. We were warmly greeted by a very pleasant,soft spoken,smiling woman named Katherine .She immediately put us at ease. After filling out our paper work, Mr. Sominsky came to the waiting area and asked us into his office. Still feeling ashamed and somewhat low, Mr. Sominsky, like Katherine, demonstrated a totally professional and non-judgmental attitude towards us. This is how the the entire process over the next several months was handled. We were guided and advised by Mr. Sominsky who always showed a true sense of confidence,knowledge,and kindness. Our phone calls,and there were many,were always returned in a prompt fashion either by Katherine or Mr. Sominsky. We were never made to feel like we were annoying or bothering anybody at the Sominsky office. We were always treated with the utmost respect. Mr. Sominsky is a real professional who quietly oozes with confidence and knowledge as a lawyer. This is very obvious and very reassuring. Our bankruptcy is now complete and the process was without any problems or issues. Thanks to the Sominsky law office and his staff, our level of self-respect and pride is back up. We would highly recommend Mr. Sominsky for ANY legal matters. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.
    - R & N R.
    "Look no further than Mr. Leonard Sominsky"
    Between 2007 and 2008 my wife and I lost $100,000 in income leaving us with an income that was not sufficient to cover our debts. We were both very stressed and after going through over $30,000.00 in savings trying to keep up with our payments we decided to talk to a professional bankruptcy attorney. We got very lucky when I got on the internet and picked one. His name was Mr. Leonard Sominsky. I called on a Friday and to my disbelief I got a call on Friday evening from Mr. Sominsky. Wow, I thought to myself, I really found an attorney that cared enough to take the time to call me on a Friday night? Yes, I really did get VERY lucky because we discussed our problems and how he could help us survive. He made sure that filing bankruptcy was the right thing for us and after the decision to do so he explained why. Since then, he has been guiding us right through the process and protecting all of our rights along the way. In our opinion, if anyone is looking for help in this volatile economic times and wants the best advice available, look no further than Mr. Leonard Sominsky, Attorney at Law. We are almost through the process and now looking forward to our new start in life. Mr. Sominsky, thank you so much for all that you have done to help my wife and I get through a process that we thought we would never have to do. You have taken some of the fear out of the process and made it possible for us to take a deep breath and start over.
    - R & J
    "Mr. Sominsky and his staff are great."
    Mr. Sominsky and his staff did and continue to do a great job in explaining the entire process and providing assistance whenever needed. The experience was made as pleasant as this type of experience can be made due to their efforts in preparing me to understand the process. The process can be summed-up in one sentence. "I felt in control because Mr. Sominsky helped me understand what I was doing and what to expect."
    - Luis Marquez
    "I don't think we could manage without him"
    This has been a very difficult situation for us. After all these years of trying to keep good credit bad luck wiped all of that out and we had to do what we never thought we would have to do - file bankruptcy.
    - CS
    "My experience with Leonard V. Sominsky was great!"
    My experience with the law office of Leonard V. Sominsky was great, and I would recommend him to my friends.
    - LP
    "I am very happy I chose them to help me"
    I highly recommend the office of Leonard V. Sominsky for any bankruptcy or legal services needed. Leonard and Shelby are both very helpful, friendly, efficient and effective.
    - Eric
    "Highly recommended!"
    Leonard handled everything very professionally.Shelby, his Legal Assistant is very informative .They have a lot of experience and can answer your questions without hesitation. I couldn’t be happier with the service his firm provided. We are grateful for all their hard work ,and knowledge . Leonard and Shelby were available when I had questions and provided straight answers.We are now able to move forward with our lifes and I have them to thanks. We would recommend them to our family and friends . If you are in financial trouble. Call this office !
    - Harry and Ida Y.
    "I would refer them to anybody and everybody!"
    Attorney Leonard Sominsky has been so helpful through our legal process. Mr. Sominsky and his staff were so personable and made us feel very comfortable, unlike other attorneys we had previously spoken to. They were there with any questions and concerns we had through the process. They made a stressful situation very easy. I would refer to them to anybody and everybody!
    - Lori P.
    "My experience with your law office was professional yet very approachable!"
    Any question I had I had a reply within a day.Amazing.. Mr. Sominsky took my fear right away.I would recommend your firm anytime.
    - J.B.
    "Having recently lost my wife I had lots of questions and their compassion and professionalism were very much appreciated."
    My original bankruptcy attorney transferred my case to Mr. Sominsky’s firm and at first I had my reservations but from the initial contact onward it has been a pleasant experience. Both he and his paralegal Shelby are great. Having recently lost my wife I had lots of questions and their compassion and professionalism were very much appreciated.
    "I can honestly say I know that I made the best decision by contacting Leonard for help with my debt."
    I really want to thank Leonard for all the great work he put into my bankruptcy. I didn't know if bankruptcy was the right thing for my situation and I was guided towards my path to a better financial life thanks to Leonard. He really does a great job making you feel comfortable and okay with filing since we all know it's a hard situation to be in. His process was smooth, easy, and fast. I really appreciate all the hard work Leonard and his staff have put into my case and I can honestly say I know that I made the best decision by contacting Leonard for help with my debt. Thanks again for all your help!
    "I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Sominsky's firm."
    I found Leonard Sominsky and his staff very professional and understanding during a difficult time. Mr. Sominsky explained all of my options in a very clear manner and expertly guiding me through a complex process. Both Mr. Sominsky and his staff were courteous and always willing to answer my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Sominsky's firm. They are knowledgeable and professional.
    "Great representation"
    Reliable source and excellent to have covering you. The process maybe daughnting however, it's nice to have someone knelageable on you're side.
    - M. Patania
    "Great decsion awesome law office!"
    My friend told me all about Mr.Sominski and his law practice and what a great person and lawyer he is Wow was she right ! From the minute I stepped into his office I knew I would be in good hands.Mr. Sominski walked me through the process and assured me everything would go smooth it did..Shelby his asst.was awesome she put up with all of my calls and was so much help also. They both were very patient I would recommend their service to everyone .
    - robert
    "Great to work with!"
    I had a lot of fear and trepidation about starting the bankruptcy process. I had heard so many horror stories and myths about what a bankruptcy would do to my credit and what the process would be like. The office of Leonard Sominsky and Mr. Sominsky himself made the whole ordeal painless. They outlined what I needed to do and when I needed to do it - all I had to do was complete the necessary checklist items. They were always available to help when I needed it. I would highly recommend them!
    - Jen W.
    "Leonard Sominsky and his Staff are an invaluable resource!"
    From my first encounter with Attorney Sominsky and his Legal Assistant, Shelby, they have made every step in the process of handling my bankruptcy virtually effortless on my part. Mr. Sominsky and Shelby have both been very concise and have always been available to assist me in making decisions, answering questions, and insuring that every issue was addressed. They have both been efficient and courteous, and the ultimate professionals. Having no other legal contacts in Phoenix, I was very fortunate to find this dynamic duo! I will be forever grateful.
    - David G.
    "Very Professional"
    Mr. Sominsky made me feel very comfortable from our first office visit. He is very personable. He is very knowledgeable and he has excellent social and communication skills. With his guidance and counseling, everything went as smooth as prayed for. I would definitely recommend Leonard Sominsky to anybody in need of legal council.
    - Stephen L.
    "Leonard and his staff have helped ease the process of Bankruptcy for me."
    When I came to the law firm I had all different kinds of issues with my debts. I had the consultation with Leonard and he addressed all my fears on what can be covered. I Went into the bankruptcy court with confidence that my debts would be forgiven. Thanks.
    - Mario A.