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Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix

We Have Handled Arizona Bankruptcy Since 2000

For over a decade, Attorney Leonard V. Sominsky has offered sound guidance for individuals and small businesses who have been devastated by unpaid debts and other financial obstacles. The first step toward finding a solution to your financial troubles is contacting Leonard V. Sominsky, ESQ., PC and discussing your situation with a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer.

Call us as soon as you can or fill out our online form for a free consultation! Mr. Sominsky promptly returns all of his calls within 24 to 48 hours.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice for You?

If you are feeling cautious about filing for bankruptcy, you are not alone. Many individuals incorrectly believe that bankruptcy automatically ruins their credit and will result in the loss of all of their belongings and valuable property. In fact, bankruptcy may allow individuals to keep vital pieces of property while also helping to stabilize and rebuild their credit.

The banking and lending industries may not want consumers to know this, and for a simple reason: filing for bankruptcy is one of the most effective methods of eliminating debt. When individuals fail to make timely payments, the debt collectors come calling. A debt-related lawsuit may follow soon after, and then wage garnishment, and even repossession.

The longer you wait to explore your options and pursue an effective course of action, the more financial trouble you may end up facing. It’s your hard-earned money—do not let collection agencies take it away. Take steps to protect your future. If you are struggling with financial burdens in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona, our bankruptcy attorney is here to help.

Can You Afford a Bankruptcy Attorney?

This firm is a federally qualified debt relief agency and, among other things, helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Find a Resolution for Your Debt Problems

At Leonard V. Sominsky, ESQ., PC, our legal team is well-equipped to help you resolve your financial problems and tax issues. Incredibly, bankruptcy is the only law that can eliminate taxes that are over three years old. When you work with our firm, you are treated as our most important asset. During each step of the case, we will thoroughly review and discuss what the best option may be.

There are many alternatives to bankruptcy to consider and myths to clarify. When you have questions regarding your case, you do not have to look any further than our firm. We know that most people are in debt due to circumstances that are beyond their control such as job loss, serious illness, taxes, underwater mortgages, upside down vehicles, repossession, or lawsuits arising from foreclosure or medical bills.

Regardless of the reasons for your debt, you can trust in us to help you obtain the financial relief you deserve at a price you can afford.

Schedule Your Free, One-Hour Consultation to Get Started

At Leonard V. Sominsky, ESQ., PC, we are interested in helping you obtain the debt relief you need to move on with your life. We do everything in our power to help you achieve the best possible result and avoid greater financial harm. For that reason, we offer free case evaluations to all of our clients. In this free, one-hour consultation with a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer, you can determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is right for you. We also offer flat-fee rates for all our bankruptcy cases.

Don't Make the Mistake of Filing Alone

Without a guide, the bankruptcy process can be complex, confusing, and financially dangerous. We can help you determine which type of bankruptcy will be the most effective for your personal financial situation. After you retain our services, we then provide you with two additional one-hour follow-up appointments with our law firm.

During these sessions, all documents are reviewed by a bankruptcy attorney from our firm to make sure all of the necessary disclosures are true and correct. Ultimately, we provide these meetings to review and update your situation and answer all of your questions to provide you with the peace of mind so crucial during this difficult time.

We don't judge you— we just help get you out of debt!

Call 602-635-9102 for FREE Case Evaluation

The follow-up appointments are just one of the client services that are provided by our firm. We remain by your side throughout the entire bankruptcy process and keep you up to date on the various aspects of your case. After helping thousands of people get a fresh start, Attorney Sominsky understands how difficult and frustrating this can be.

We will appear with you at the First Meeting of Creditors and help answer all of your questions. We help you complete the bankruptcy process as fast as possible so you can get back on your feet and get on with rebuilding your life without debt. We can help you stop foreclosure, car repossession, garnishment, and other collection attempts.

You can count on us to navigate the various aspects of bankruptcy, including:

  • All statements and schedules
  • Filing documents & notifying all creditors
  • All court appearances
  • Meeting of creditors hearing
  • All electronic filings & mailing
  • Stop all creditor harassment & garnishments
  • Obtain two credit reports & two credit scores (before / after)
  • Stripping off second mortgages (Chapter 13)
  • Cramming down on upside-down vehicles (Chapter 13)
  • Advice on re-establishing your credit
  • Post-bankruptcy credit report & credit repair services

We can also contact all active collection agencies, creditors, and litigating parties to help resolve wage garnishments and other forms of creditor harassment. Our goal is to help you get some well-deserved relief from collections, even prior to filing.

Contact our firm for the guidance you need through bankruptcy!

* Offer is available only to qualifying individuals who are employed and have been for at least 6 months. There will be 12 additional low monthly payments after the filing of the case.