Can I Reopen My Bankruptcy?


It is entirely possible to re-open a bankruptcy case, as long as there is a good reason. If you wanted to add another debt to the bankruptcy, for example, there may be a small fee to re-open the case.

Can a bankruptcy be re-opened? The answer is absolutely! There has got to be a reason, and a good one, to re-open bankruptcy. A lot of times the Chapter 7 or 13 trustee, typically a Chapter 7, will re-open the case because they are trying to administer an asset they might have missed (typically a tax refund). Re-opening, there's a small court fee, and sometimes a fee for the attorney to do it as well, but once you pay that fee, (if for example you missed a creditor and you really wanted to wipe them out with the bankruptcy) you could re-open. We actually do that all the time.

You just add them in and within a month or two, the case is closed again, and the discharge wipes out that creditor. You're back to being debt-free. So, re-opening a case certainly happens, it happens a lot, especially for tax refunds or when the Chapter 7 trustee tries to re-open the case and distribute some of the refund money to some of the creditors. But you can re-open it as well, if you accidentally missed a creditor or for some other reason. So that's what there is to know about re-opening a case!