Can I Add Debt Once I've Filed For Bankruptcy?


If you forgot to include a certain debt on your initial bankruptcy petition, it is important to know that you could still add it as long as your case is pending. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for example, you may have as long as five months to add that debt; however, there may be a small fee.

Can you add a debt that was initially forgotten in your bankruptcy? And the answer is absolutely yes. Now, it's got to be added while the case is still pending, so if you're talking about a Chapter 7, you're talking about 5 months. If you forget and you realize you forgot during that 5 month period, then you could definitely add them in there.

The court charges a small fee to add them in, but it's definitely doable. If the case is already closed, then at least see our answer about reopening your case, which is also doable, but there is another larger fee from the court to reopen a case to add a creditor. So, that's the answer!