Who Will Know If I've Filed For Bankruptcy?


Wondering who will know that you have filed for bankruptcy? Anyone that you owe debt to (i.e. your creditors) will be notified that you have filed – which may include friends and family members that you have included in your petition. Your file will also be a matter of public record.

First of all, the people who know that you've filed for bankruptcy are the ones who get notices from the bankruptcy court that you filed. Those are your creditors, because you're going to create a list of everybody that you could potentially owe money to and put it in the bankruptcy, because that's one of the requirements.

We're going to download a credit report or two so everyone on your credit report that thinks you owe money, friends and relatives who you've put into bankruptcy as a creditor, will get a letter from the bankruptcy court. Those guys will know for sure. Otherwise, it's a public record, so anyone who can access public records or goes down to the bankruptcy court will know.